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Specialised Refrigeration Services in Perth

Refrigeration is a diverse field and you need to rely on a specialised tradesman to carry out any repairs or maintenance. At Flashpoint Cooling, we have many years of experience working with all domestic, commercial and industrial applications of refrigeration.

Our team consists of fully qualified technicians who have the expertise and experience necessary to carry out all refrigeration tasks efficiently and thoroughly.

Refrigeration is not something that can be trusted to just anyone, which is why you need to call Flashpoint Cooling to ensure that you are hiring a qualified expert who will complete the job properly.

Expert Refrigeration Services
  • cool rooms
  • freezers
  • commercial refrigerators
  • ice machines

Call Flashpoint Cooling today for prompt, professional refrigeration services.

Professional Refrigeration Maintenance

All commercial and industrial refrigeration systems need to be regularly maintained by a professional team such as Flashpoint Cooling. This ensures that your refrigeration operates as smoothly as possible and functions at the optimal level.

This is vital in certain industries such as the retail industry, supermarkets, hospitals and the medical industry, clubs, pubs, cafes, and service stations. A failure to adhere to regular and professional maintenance could result in a malfunction, leading to potential disasters such as a complete loss of stock.

This is why you need to trust Flashpoint Cooling with the regular maintenance of your refrigeration applications – to ensure a safe and successful business.

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